Apparently it’s cold today…

Just waiting for the elevator

Just hanging around the apartment


Found you!

It’s in the 60’s today (Fahrenheit, of course) and all anyone is talking about is how it’s “so cold!” and “like winter has started already!”


Upon asking our Kiwi roommate how cold it actually gets here, he said, “Oh well it gets really cold, but never cold enough that, you know, you need a jacket!”  as if the craziest thing he’s ever heard of is weather cold enough to need a jacket.

We had a fun time explaining (with the help of my iTouch temperature converter!) that where we go to school, it can be -10 degrees Fahrenheit PLUS wind chill in the winter, but up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit PLUS 98% humidity in the summer.

If this is as cold as it gets while we’re here….then I could definitely get used to this!  Sunny, breezy, and 65 degrees…..aaaaahhhh…..

Does your busride home from school look like this?

Does your bus ride home from school look like this?

Also, a question from Mr. Beasley (aka Geoff)!  “Out of everything you have had so far, what has been the most delicious to eat in New Zealand?”  MAN that’s a hard question!  My entire meal at Non Solo Pizza in Parnell was absolutely to die for.  bruscetta, sicilian pizza with olives and eggplant, homemade coffee and chocolate gelato and kiwi sorbet. YUM unforgettable.  silly thing is that it isn’t even “New Zealand” food.  But it was AWESOME!

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