Weekend Dinners

We had a fabulous dinner on Saturday night.

We baked the Caramelized Onion Cibatta we got from the Farmer’s Market

We enjoyed it by dipping pieces in warm Garden Vegetable Marinara Sauce

and Herb Oil. So easy to make!  I just whisk Italian Herb Paste together with some EVOO

Yes, we ate the whole thing.  It was fantastic!

We thought about making a salad, too.


We planned to go out dancing, but couldn’t decide how to do our hair…

“I look like Justin Bieber!”  said I.

That’s a silly hairstyle my friend Kaitlyn used to do during field hockey practice in middle school (or maybe lacrosse? ;))  You make a bun on the top of your head and let the ends hand on your forehead like bangs.  Do it, you deserve a laugh!

Darn the humidity, it spoils my locks!  (Don’t worry, I just wore my classic half-clipped.)  Also darn our favorite dance club for being EMPTY.  Lame.  We left to go to Father Ted’s, our go-to spot, and we were happy to see our study abroad adviser and his band rocking out!  We were even more pleased to see some friends.  So the night wasn’t a complete flop! 😉

Neither was dinner tonight!

Sauteed silver beet/chard (from the market), tomatoes, and onions with smoked trevally (again, from the market) and quinoa.  It was so filling!  Leftovers for lunch tomorrow 🙂

Of course it wasn’t too filling to have one (or two?) of these:

We had to have them.  Both Hannah and I are pretty homesick today.  We blame the weather + hearing from our friends back home.  (Guys! You aren’t supposed to be having fun without us!)  I skyped with my good friend Dani for so long today, and as an added bonus, she had a bunch of our FeelGood friends over and I got to see them, too!  (Have you helped out the Pitt’s FeelGood yet?)  I was so happy to see everyone, but I won’t lie: it made me a bit sad 😦  I figured brownies with “heaps of mini M&M’s” would help me cheer up.

That’s what brownies are for, right?

What did you have for dinner this weekend?




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4 responses to “Weekend Dinners

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  2. becca

    Those brownies look unreal they’re so delicious! Hmmm this weekend I was in Greece so I ate a veggie gyro, spinach pie….and pizza 🙂

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