Hunger is Non-Negotiable

What to do tonight?

Today Auckland was rather gray.  But we didn’t let that get us down!

Hannah’s colorful umbrella would be enough to brighten up even the rainiest days!

Even when the wind fights us, too!  I have a theory that it’s good to have a gloomy day every once in a while because it makes you appreciate the sunny ones even more.  If it was sunny every day, it wouldn’t seem as special 🙂  Besides, it’s a lovely day for ducks!

To make this rainy Friday special, Hannah and I decided to go out to a Tapas restaurant we noticed last week when we got crepes.

Elliott Stables Epicurian Village is an indoor marketplace featuring gourmet eateries from all around the world.

Small cafe/bars circumvent an open indoor plaza with a fantastic atmosphere.  We’ve already visited France for the crepes, so tonight we thought that we’d travel to Spain’s “Al Faro” for some tapas.

The menu featured several creative (nz$7 for vegetarian, nz$9 for meat) tapas, so Hannah and I picked 5 to share.

We also couldn’t say no to the Sangria.  It was refreshing, sweet, and just strong enough 😉  We are going to make Poor Girl’s Sangria soon:  Fruity red wine, sparkling water, and fruit chunks!

After we ordered, we barely had to wait long at all!  There’s a huge sign in there that says, “Hunger is Non-Negotiable.”  I love that, it’s definitely true to me!  Let nothing stand in the way of a Hungry Emma.  But also, it rings true to my passion for ending world hunger.  People are hungry in this world, and that is not ok with me.  I devotedly work with FeelGood to help raise money for The Hunger Project.

Back to the meal…

First we got some green olives. These were so tender…

Smoked almonds.  They had a hint of sweetness, but it didn’t overpower to almond flavor.

Avocado with kiwifruit salsa.  The avocado had a crispy exterior and the kiwifruit in the salsa was genius!  Better than mango or pear or pineapple, I’d say.

Butter beans with sausage and ham. This had just the perfect bit of heat to it and the beans were HUGE.

Sourdough bread with olive oil.  Apparently the best bread in Auckland.  We had fun dipping it in all the plates!

Apparently, you’re not supposed to miss the Churros con Chocolate.

I wouldn’t dare!

Oops! It looks like my finger fell into the chocolate sauce!  Darn!

Well, I guess I’d better eat it!

We lingered for a long time while enjoying another glass of Sangria.  We just couldn’t stop talking tonight!  We both agreed that we spent way too much money on dinner, but you know what?  When you are traveling, it’s important to go out to eat at special places.  And I will certainly never forget that meal!  Going out for Tapas is so much more special than a regular meal, it’s like your own personal cocktail party!

What is a non-negotiable for you?




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8 responses to “Hunger is Non-Negotiable

  1. My uncle took me to that foodie place when I visited Auckland (I’m in shaky Christchurch). Such a find!
    Sangria! I have (some, very fuzzy) memories of drinking it in Barcelona. It came in a glass that looked like a huge brandy glass (very round bowl), about the size of, say, a small watermelon.
    Your blog is great. I’m always looking for blogs from fellow kiwi’s. The most interesting people in the world (if I do say so myself.)

  2. I mean.. even if just a temporary kiwi. ;0) Still included.

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