Big Chard (and FeelGood Needs Our Help!)

Another Gray Day today.

But we braced the elements for Auckland’s Farmer’s Market.

To start off the morning, I enjoyed a chocolate almond croissant because it is my good friend Andy’s Birthday!!!  So I had to celebrate since I won’t be eating cake with him 😦  Happy Birthday Andy! I miss you!

Here’s what else we got for the week:

Caramelized onion ciabatta for nz$6.

Freshly smoked Trevally for nz$8

Twenty(-one!) falafel balls for nz$8

Huge sack of apples (2kg) for nz$4

Green peppers (nz$2 for 3) and carrots (nz$2 for a bag)

zucchinis for nz$1 each

Lettuce with leaves so big, they are fit for a queen!  And at only nz$2 for a bunch, it’s fit for a pauper!

Chard! (or Silver Beet)

It’s huge! and only nz$2

And, finally, 2 heads of broccoli for nz$3

On the walk home I enjoyed a D-Stress juice (carrots, mint, apple, and broccoli) Time-Saver! When we got home, I washed the chard and lettuce so that they will be salad-ready.

Yesterday, I talked about how hunger is a non-negotiable, but too many people in our world deal with it as a fact of life.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

FeelGood is an organization that is “ending world hunger, one grilled cheese at a time.” On college campuses all over the US, students are selling sandwiches to raise money for The Hunger Project.  It’s an amazing way to spread optimism, change, and empowerment all over the world.  Sadly, the University of Pittsburgh chapter, one of FeelGood’s highest-grossing chapters, has just been informed that their funding from their Student Government has been revoked.

Pitt's Tshirt reads: Come together, right now, over CHEESE

Without those funds, their deli cannot operate as successfully as it has in the past.   (They make an amazing sammie called the Feel Bueno: a grilled cheese with salsa, black beans, corn, tortilla chips, and hot sauce.)

The world cannot afford to lose them!  You can easily help them out by signing this petition.

I would be oh so very pleased!

What’s your favorite world-changing grilled cheese?




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11 responses to “Big Chard (and FeelGood Needs Our Help!)

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  2. Dominique

    thanks for the petition link emmy! and for the shout out to andy!

  3. Andy

    Thanks for the shout out, Emma!!!!!!

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  5. becca

    petition signed! now how bout we bring that feel bueno to uvm?

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