Auckland Museum: Polynesian Artefacts

Today my top half is dressed like a Kiwi girl:  Flowy crop top with my hair in a “top knot.”  (That rhymes!)  My bottom half (Gap khakis and Birkenstocks) are pretty much just me 🙂

On this rainy afternoon, we decided to visit the Auckland Museum.

The flowers were happy it was raining!

That museum is HUGE.  The biggest one in New Zealand.  We barely even got to see 1/3 of it today.  Luckily, admission is free for Auckland residents!  We’ll be back the next rainy day, for sure.

Revolving doors are alway so much more fun with a partner.

We spent two hours at the museum, and we only got to see the Polynesian artefacts and began to look at the Maori artefacts before we got kicked out when it closed at 5:00.  Of course, Hannah and I like to look at and read about EVERYTHING.  Us future teachers like to learn 🙂

Here are some photos of (just a few!) things we saw and learned about:


Fish Hooks

Feathered Necklace



Goddess of the Female Spirit

I loved this carving above ❤


You can see Hawaii at the top there!



Charms were worn to increase personal wealth, ensure success in hunting, protect from sickness and bad magic, or to attract the opposite sex.

more Charms


Patchwork Quilt




The legs were like 4 inches tall.  What good does it do?

Shark Hooks

Whale Teeth Necklace

These necklaces made of whale teeth gave us the creeps.  I cringe to imagine what it would feel like around my neck!

World’s first strapless dress (just kidding, I just think it’s beautiful)

This carving is larger than a typical Maori wood carving.  It’s representation is disputed: either Hine, the goddess of the underworld, or Papatuanuku, the Earth mother.

Don’t I look so little in front of the wharenui?  This is the sacred building in a marae (the focal point of the Maori community).

The museum was especially fun for us because we are taking a course in Maori culture and society, and saw a lot of interesting links to what we’ve been learning in class.  It was cool to see “the real thing” in the museum.  I love learning about the indigenous culture, it makes me feel like I am a part of it.  Just like during the Maori cultural weekend I attended!

What is your favorite museum?

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14 responses to “Auckland Museum: Polynesian Artefacts

  1. I love museums and thanks for sharing. Emma. You must have had a wonderful time there 🙂

  2. I loved reading this post, makes me so homesick for when I used to live in New Zealand! I used to love the traditional Maori wood carvings, even though some people might think they were kinda creepy!

  3. Dominique

    i love your Kiwi-girl outfit! is hannah matching?

  4. what a neat museum! I love aquariums… I know they aren’t historic but I love to look at fish

  5. Dani

    Yay museums!
    Hmm…my favorite museum…that is tricky. I love them all!
    Most recently I went into the American History museum in Boston and saw the original American Flag. That was pretty sweet 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  6. That museum looks awesome- thanks for sharing!! My fav so far is the st louis art museum…. I like art (if I am in the mood!)

  7. Uh oh, I have my hair in a ‘top knot’ right now too… I didn’t realise it was a kiwi habit, really we don’t think too hard about hair do we? Whenever I travel I can expect a fashion crisis as soon as I land somewhere like.. Rome. I feel ok, then I get out into the airport and feel like the scruffiest thing that ever dared to exit an airport..

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