Zumba: Not Bad for a White Girl!

I stayed a lot later after school today than I had anticipated so I was going to miss the yoga class I’d planned to attend.  But on the way home, my friend G invited me to a Zumba class.  I did a lot of Zumba last year with my roommate Jocelyn, and we had so much fun!  Like a big dance party while working our booties off.  I loved it!  And so, in an attempt to be more spontaneous, I agreed to go!  (Which is good because, honestly, I wouldn’t have worked out otherwise.  I don’t like running in the evening, and whatever yoga I would do on my own would not classify as a workout.  I was tired after a long day!  I definitely needed some leadership.)

Before leaving for Zumba, I prepared dinner for the night.  Italian Roasted Zucchini, Mushrooms, and Potatoes.  I started by making some seasoned oil.

Poop out some Italian Herb Paste into some olive oil.  Whisk whisk whisk whisk whisk!

Then I poured the herb oil over the veggies and tossed to coat evenly.  They were all set to roast after Zumba!

Two of my friends bought a 10-pass card to a Zumba place downtown for nz$50…before trying out a class.  It’s a pretty sweet deal (can’t beat nz$5/class!) but their first class really disappointed them.  They said that the instructor did not have a very good sense of rhythm, so more often than not, her moves didn’t sync with the music.  But, on the bright side, they said it was still a good sweat!  And if you ask me, Zumba is ALWAYS fun with friends!  Also, G let me use one of her passes on the card (because she wants to use them up faster lol).  So I gave her nz$5.

They were right, the Argentinian chick who led the class what pretty off-beat.  Her accent was very fun though!  She said things like, “first turn clockwise, then anti-clockwise” and “make sure to bring higher the hip.”  So endearing.  I still thought the moves, though disconnected from the music a lot of the time, were fun and a good workout, so it was nz$5 well spent for me!  Zumba is hard for me/good for me because my spine is always so stable while running and doing yoga, that it’s a rewarding challenge to try and loosen up a bit!  I’m so freaking awkward though.  I even pulled a little muscle in my throat!  Who does that?  Too much shimmying lol.

About halfway through the class, my muscles memory came back and I looked like less of a nerd.  While practicing moving my hips during a break, I asked my friend, “not bad for a white girl, eh?”  HAHA  Zumba puts me in a very saucy mood, but I resisted spanking my friends butt in the middle of a song.  I have so much willpower, I know.

Except when it comes to roasted veggies!  Hannah had the veggies roasted along with some pasta and sauce ready soon after I got home.  It was so yum.

I also made myself a little dessert:  more roasted potatoes!

And a glass of tasty, nz$7 on-sale with a cool label wine

Wine, french fries, and blogs.

One happy Thursday night!



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8 responses to “Zumba: Not Bad for a White Girl!

  1. yahhhhh for Zumba LOVE 🙂 I am a Zumba lover (I teach it) and agree that everyone needs a good booty-shakin daily 🙂

  2. Dominique

    i lol’d so hard at you pulling a muscle in your throat. so typical emma!
    also since when are potatoes dessert? haha it would take a lot of convincing to get me to go for that one.

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  4. I LOVE Zumba but have to admit, I am a typical white girl in that my hips just do not move! At all! I’d love to be able to – is it something you can learn or something you’re just born with?? Haha

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  6. becca

    emma jenkins you sassy girl

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