One Busy Kitchen!

WordPress was down this morning.  Aaaaah! I was disappointed because I was so excited to share all the exciting things I made yesterday!  I was one busy b—- in the kitch.

I have made some pretty sweet things from her blog before (hello, Microwave Oat Cakes!) so in the afternoon, I took a stab at making Averie’s

Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bars

Hannah and I both love granola bars as the perfect grab-and-go, hunger-satisfying snack.  But you know what, THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE!!! So I decided it would be more economical to make them myself.  Here’s what I got to make ’em:

Oats, crunchy peanut butter, almonds, chocolate chips milk choc buttons lol, dried fruit mix, sesame seeds, and shredded coconut.

I had to chop the dried fruit and almonds myself.  What can I say, I’m devoted!

First, you start by melting peanut butter, chocolate chips, and milk together in the microwave.  Since I’m developing a phobia for my “microwave,” I decided I had the time and patience to melt it all on the stove.

It was probably easier!  It melted very nicely.

Then I added my desired about of oats, chopped dried fruit, chopped almonds, shredded coconut, and sesame seeds.

I poured the mixture into a pan and popped it in the freezer!

It made ten whole bars, and I barely put a dent in all the fixings I bought!  Definitely the cheaper way to go.  They need to be kept frozen, and I think I need to add more chocolate (yay) next time so that they don’t melt so quickly.  But they are very yummy!

I also made something pretty exciting for dinner.  The other day I was early for yoga and my studio is located right next door to a huge-amazing Asian Market.  I browsed the shelves to see if there was anything I was brave enough to buy and attempt to cook with.  Then I found me some rice paper!  Inspiration struck.

Coconut-Sesame Shrimp Springrolls with Watercress

First I started by preparing the filling.  Sautee onions:

Add in carrots:

Enter: sesame seeds!

Toss in shredded coconut and shrimp towards the end.

Then mix in the watercress at the last second so that it just begins to wilt.

Note: I only prepared the filling beforehand because Hannah was talking to her wonderful amazing boyfriend (who says I’m a better writer than Jane Austen! ;)) and so we weren’t ready to eat right away.  Also, since we wanted shrimp, I didn’t want to risk undercooking it.  Moral of this ramble is that if I’m just filling the rolls with veggies next time, I will just stick the raw, chopped (and lightly oiled) veggies right in there!

Make some brown rice, too.

Slightly blurry is best 😉  Then after giving the rice paper a quick soak, make the rolls!

Since I’m a white girl, I didn’t know what I was doing (it’s not like I’m Snacks and Shit or anything!) so I pretty much just pretended I was making a burrito.  I put a bit of the mixture in the middle and rolled it up!

Pretty soon I’d made 8 rolls!  Drizzle those babies in oil if you know what’s good for ya 😉  I put the remainder of the mixture in the middle, then baked them in the oven for about 10 minutes at around 400*F.

Dinner is served!

As if that wasn’t enough, I decided to make froyo similar to the one I made during my Kiwi Jam Challenge.  We were running low on yoghurt, and we didn’t seem to be eating it, so I decided to fancy it up to attract attention and freeze it up to preserve its freshness.  First, chop up some of them frozen berries!

I always think its too much, but it never is!

Then swirl it up in the yoghurt container.  Freeze that baby overnight.  It’ll make for a nice treat in the morning!

“French Toast a la Mode” for breakfast!  All I did was dip both sides of a whole wheat pita in a slightly scrambled egg and plopped it in the frying pan.

Cook to perfection, and don’t forget to sprinkle with cinnamon!

Then top with the froyo.  Except I was disappointed because it was frozen solid, like ice.  It’s Yoplait Lite Greek Yoghurt, and it’s VERY thin, so if you use ticker yoghurt, it should freeze like normal froyo. But I didn’t let it get me down!

I sprinkled slightly sad shavings on top.  It sort of tasted like a Popsicle!

Last night, we headed to trivia after dinner!

Hannah tried some traditional Irish cider called Magner’s.  It was yummy!  Here are some of the questions I knew form the quiz.  Leave answers in the comments if you know some, too 🙂

  • In the TV show Friends, what is Phoebe’s twin sister’s name?
  • What hit TV series is about the widow Nancy Botwin?
  • Who was the American president in office during Martin Luther King’s assassination?
  • What ’90’s band played songs like the hit “Chasing Waterfalls”?
  • Who starred as Sandy in the musical movie Grease? (easy.)
  • What ’90’s band had hits like “Let Her Cry” and “Only Wanna Be With You”
  • Which ’90’s music movie’s sequel had the subtitle Back in the Habit?
  • Name the artist and title of the song with the lyrics, “I was just guessing at numbers and figures”
  • What unit of measurement is about 0.991 of a meter?
  • What is a raised flat area of land called?
  • If you were born on America’s Independence Day, which star sign would you have?

I knew a lot this past week!   Though we still came second-to-last 😦  We need to get out of that rut!  We also learned our trivia leader is in a band

That’s him in the front left. One of his music videos was playing on the TV during the Music Round!

Today Hannah and I got into a huge fight and we aren’t friends anymore.

She wouldn’t help me combat the cicada that was in my room.  It was terrifying, huge and clicking! Naturally, I was screaming and sweating and chasing it around with a roll of paper like  a normal person–and she just stood there, laughing!





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15 responses to “One Busy Kitchen!

  1. I’ve been dying to make my own granola bars too – but for less frugal reasons. I just want to use the 1/2 bag of chocolate chips I have, and have an excuse to eat chocolate :).

  2. i need to make more granola bars… yours look awesome 🙂 u certainly have been busy in the kitch, what fun!

  3. becca

    waterfalls= TLC!!
    olivia newton john
    sister act?

    ps hi i love you lots!

  4. Thanks Emma for blogging about my recipe and the bars. They look great! Good job on them!

    The spring rolls…oh, those look sooo good. You have great rolling skills. Sometimes mine are a little…messy 🙂

  5. Mary Bahner

    The granola and chocolate bars sound awesome —- I will buy the ingredients and you can make them at the beach — I will not buy the coconut (yuk) — so if I don’t buy it you can’t put it in there. lol
    Can’t wait for the beach — you can take a night to make dinner and from the looks of your blog – it will be AWESOME!

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