Date Ideas

You know what one of the best dates is?  Going out for crepes.  My boyfriend Hannah (haha!) and I decided to get some for dinner the night after we bungy jumped.

I got the Chevre:

Sun-dried tomato goat cheese with mescalin greens and walnuts

and Hannah got the Complete

Egg, cheese, and ham.

They were both on gluten-free, buckwheat flour crepes!  I thought of my dear friend Trisha 🙂

Then, for dessert, we split a toasted coconut crepe with chocolate

This is why going out for crepe makes such a great date idea.  You each get a savory crepe, then split one for dessert.  Plus, creperies usually have a French atmosphere, which is allegedly very romantic.

Or, another great date Kiwi idea is to get some Fish n Chips and go on a picnic!   According to one of my guidebooks, Fish n Chips is one meal that is “typically Kiwi.”  Of course we had to try it!  The book recommended some of the best places around New Zealand to get the classic meal.  One of the places, Oneroa Fish and Chips, was on Waiheke Island so it made the perfect post-kayaking lunch.

The fish was fresh snapper–so tasty!  Plus, the fries chips were cooked to perfection.  All wrapped up in newspaper.  So greasy!  So salty!  So fun!  Also to add to the novelty, they had Coke Zero in glass bottles!

We got our fish n chips “takeaway” so we had to find a picnic spot.  We followed a nice mother, son, and their two dogs (yeah, we’re a bit creepy) and they led us here!

Not a bad setting to enjoy your fish n chips!  We figured out that we actually kayaked past this beach!  Also near the beach…

Me sitting in a throne made out of an old, large tree stump.

BUT that was the weekend, and I actually had HOMEWORK to do this week.  Can you believe it?! I can’t.

First I had to write a 500 word essay about Maori culture.

We learned about the Maori creation narratives, their creation story, and for the assignment I needed to find a theme and explain its relevance to modern society. I chose the theme of utu which means revenge/reciprocity/balance.  There was a big war amongst all the godsons during the creation period in which they were all trying to get revenge on one another.  From there, the theme of “getting even” pretty much stuck to Maori culture.  In modern Maori society, it’s mostly relevant with gift-giving and such.  Same as in my culture!  The idea of utu all about fairness and equality, which is all really relevant to cultivating meaningful social relationships, in any era.

Then, for my Leadership course, I had to make a presentation all about ME!

I had to make a personality profile.  After taking a personality test, I learned that I have a Melancholy-Choleric personality, which basically means I am organized, thoughtful, a leader, and a planner.  I had to explain my personality in detail with examples.  Then I had to explain the personality of someone I know well (I chose my sister Sam!) and explain why we have the type of relationship we do.  My sister is very calm, cool, and collected, so I explained that’s why I boss her around all the time 😉

In other news, I got a library card!

I have a lot of time to read here (YAY!) so the other day I bought The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory from the bookstore, which I’ve always wanted to read.

It’s fantastically entertaining and well-written!  Though I admit, so far, it’s mostly about sex. I’m glad I bought it because I was craving a good book, but now that I have my library card, I won’t have to spend any more money to read!

Been on any great dates lately?



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6 responses to “Date Ideas

  1. those crepes look amazing!! i recently when candlepin bowling and then for some flatbread 😉 fun!

  2. I’m not a big crepe fan (I know – freak of nature, right!?), but that chocolate coconut one looks pretty delicious!

  3. Dominique

    andy and i go for crepes all the time here in pittsburgh! next time you’re here i’ll have to take you. watching them get made always amazes me.

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