Bungy Jumping: A Leap of Faith

I did something pretty amazing today.  I jumped off the Auckland Bridge and lived to tell the tale!

I always say that bridges are my favorite type of infrastructure.  I just think they are really cool and fun to go across.  Almost like you are walking on water or something, so cool!  And call me crazy, but whenever I am on a bridge, I always think to myself, “hmmm, I it would be so fun to jump off.  I think I could do it.  I’d just land in the water!”  Of course I know that logically, I would probably break my spine.  But bungy jumping off a bridge seems to be a pretty good alternative!  You’d get the rush of free falling, plus I like the idea of the bouncy resistance of the cord.  Sounds fun!

Which is lucky for me, especially because I live in the country where bungy jumping was invented!  Plus my university offers a discount!  For nz$140, I got round-trip transportation to the bridge, the actual bungy-ing, and a DVD of the jump.  I know it sounds like a lot, but apparently we saved nz$25!

And either way, I was doing it, and I could hardly wait!  Hannah was terrified, but she admitted that it would be the only time in her life to do it, and she wanted no regrets 🙂  I wasn’t scared very much at all, especially because AJ Hackett Bungy has a 100% safety record.  Plus, I saw this in the office:

If Justin Bieber can do this, than so can I.

Then, I got all harnessed-up.  Just putting that on made me feel a lot more confident!  It was solid and secure.  We headed over to the Auckland Bridge (we would be jumping off from where that flagpole is).

It was a pretty long way to the top.  Enough time to get the heart pumping!

I love this photo because it’s candid!  We arrived at the jumping pod, looked around, and then Hannah turned to me with this face:

She’s adorable.  Our bungy jumping helpers were exactly what I’d imagined they would be.  One muscular with dredlocks, one sort of hyper and silly.

Enough waiting around, I was the last one to jump!  We had to get our leg straps fastened.  I was having a hard time sitting still.  After seeing everyone jump and then come up smiling, I just wanted it to be my turn!

They were blasting reggae music, which definitely helped me relax.  They strap your legs together and  then attach the bungy.  Which means you have to waddle up to the edge.  “Hi, Mom!”

Standing on the edge was one of the best parts!  Looking down at the water, so far away, is terrifying, especially thinking that you are about to dive right into it!  But they don’t give you much time to think about it.


I screamed SO loud, haha.  I pretty much screamed the entire time.

But I swear, it was from the thrill, not fear.  I had a huge smile on my face.

I was falling so fast!  It was everything I thought it was going to be…

and more! I was NOT expecting to be dunked into the water, all the way up to my chest!

I sort of didn’t want this to happen, since I hate getting water up my nose, but it was totally awesome.  I was going so fast that it didn’t matter, it was just cool!  There is really no jerking around like you would imagine.  After a few wonderfully gentle bounces, I pulled on a strap to release my feet, which slowly turned me right side up, so I could be pulled back up to the pod!

Yay I did it!  The jump was so scary, the dunk was so wild, and the bounces were so enjoyable!  But you have to jump off a bridge to feel it.  I think it’s the biggest, most blatant leap of faith that I will ever take.  Sometimes in life, you need to put all of your worries aside and just jump.  Go for it.

Because there might just be a huge payoff.  I was proud that I did it! It helped me prove to myself that fear and anxiety doesn’t need to hold me back.  I WAS SO FREAKING EXCITED!

I was expecting to enjoy the jump, but have the attitude of, “that was so cool! I’m glad I did that once in my life,” but now i want to do it again!  (Especially when they said that it is only nz$60 for returning customers.)  There was no pain, all thrill.

We also got a sweet t-shirt!  It says: Jumper.  AJ Hackett Bungy, New Zealand.  Auckland: 40M

(We also got a DVD of the jump.  Some day I will figure out how to share it!)

Also this certificate of survival is awesome.  It reads:  “Emma Jenkins of USA has just recieved an instant injection of adrenalin and euphoria by leaping form the Auckland Harbour Bridge, suspended by no more than a length of latex rubber.”

Have you ever taken a huge leap of faith?



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6 responses to “Bungy Jumping: A Leap of Faith

  1. OH I am SO proud of you! I don’t think I could ever do that- but it looks amazing. 🙂

  2. becca

    I AM SO SO PROUD OF YOU AND HANNAH! i would have needed you to push me for sure. i can’t wait to see the video ahhh we should all do it together sometime 🙂 You’re my hero!

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