St. Paddy’s Day & The Morning After

I woke up in a super-fabulous mood this morning!

Maybe that’s because I had so much fun out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with friends yesterday!  Look at Hannah’s adorable outfit!

The Sky Tower was wearing a pretty cute outfit, too!

Apparently, Auckland’s Guiness (my favorite beer) comes from Christchurch, and because of the earthquake, they had to ration their supplies of it so that they’d have some for St. Paddy’s Day! I’ve been living without it for a few weeks lol, but I was lucky enough to get one small glass last night!  They did run out pretty early, so I stuck with a “handle” of Mac’s Gold

Haha that’s what they refer to as a handle!  A bit different than American “handles”!  We hung out with some of our Danish friends.

And they brought along a new friend for us, a German!

We wanted to try and go to O’Hagans, apparently “the best” Irish Pub in town:

But the line to get in was ENDLESS…

We still had a good time hanging out among the crowd though!

It looks like Elf Yourself, haha!

We turned in before things got too crazy.  When we got home, we decided since it was the AM already, we’d make an early breakfast 😉

Shake and Pour batter with frozen berries!  A midnight snack was absolutely necessary, lol

The perfect way to end the night (and the antennae ended up with us!)

For my REAL breakfast this morning I had a nice big yoghurt bowl.

Chopped frozen mixed berries, raw oats, whole almonds, and some plain lite Greek yoghurt.

It had great texture. And flavor, of course!  After breakfast, I went on an excellent run through the Domain where I rocked out to my homesick playlist.  Usually all the hills wear me out super early, but today I was feeling pretty invincible!  But it was still really hard work and when I got back, I was feeling hungry, so I devoured a grapefruit.

And you know what, it fought back!  I got squirted in the face/eye too many times to count.  But I’m used to it, if you know me you know how prone I am to getting hit in the head with stuff.  But it also upset my tummy a bit since they are so acidic, so I had a few of these babies to settle my stomach:

Seaweed rice crackers.  We got a package of these for nz$0.50 last week at Countdown. Major score! They are really salty and crispy.

Hannah and I are headed out to go shopping soon!  Enjoy your St. Paddy’s Day, America!



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4 responses to “St. Paddy’s Day & The Morning After

  1. Dominique

    what is shake and pour batter?

  2. Dominique

    is it something that you buy or can you make it. make a recipe! it sounds fun and yummy.

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