Coupon Creativity!

Since Hannah and I would be out all day on a shopping spree (and our lunch supplies are low!) I thought that today would be a good day to eat out.

But who wants to pay full price for lunch?  Not me! So I took inventory of my coupon stash and realized that I had some good deals for a place called Habitual Fix.

Salads + Sanwiches + Wraps + Smoothies.  Fresh Food Addicts.  It sounded like my kind of place!  My coupons were attached to a menu, and I was excited to see all sorts of yummy combos, plus toasted pitas (only offered after 2pm?)  They really went with the “addiction” shtick by naming the smalls “fetish” and larges “full fix.” Cute.  Out of all the coupons, these seemed to be the best deal for today:

Hannah and I devised a game plan to get the best deal.  Our plan was to hold out until 2pm to get lunch so we could get a pita for just $5, and also get a large size sandwich for the small price ($5), then split them both!

Of course, since I ran like mad up hills today, it was proving impossible to wait until 2:00 to get food.  We decided to get our large sandwich right away, then come back later for the pita after 2:00.

Decisions, decisions!

We chose the “Tree Hugger” sandwich, because we are Vermont girls at heart.

On wholegrain bread (freshly baked!), there are Tuscan roasted vegetables, spinach, caramelized onions, capsicum, pumpkin seeds, basil olive oil, and mayo. Hello, lover.

It was absolutely wonderful.  Really nice flavors from the veggies and sauces, plus the pumpkin seeds were such a wonderful crunchy surprise!

After a bit of shopping, the heavens decided to open up and downpour on all the innocent Aucklanders.

Perfect time to rush inside for a toasty pita ❤

We went for the Mexicano:

Buffalo chicken, cos (who can tell me what this is?!), onion, carrot, avocado, corn chips (oh yeah!), coriander, and chili lime dressing.  It was muy bueno.  The dressing was so tasty, plus there was a little bit of heat from the chicken.

Well I am definitely a Habitual Fix addict now.  It’s really cheap (with the coupons), fast, fresh, and healthy.  And really delicious!

I was sort of lost on what to make for dinner tonight, but I think I did pretty well!

“Grilled” Portobello Mushrooms with Broccoli White Wine Sauce.  The sauce is also excellent over pasta once you’ve gobbled up all the mushrooms!

The sauce still needs some tweaking, but it’s basically just chopped onions, minced garlic, Italian seasonings, peas, spinach, minced broccoli, and white wine.

Before I forget, we also got one of these as a treat while shopping:

Black licorice with milk chocolate filling!

Ok, I admit this photo is not very appetizing.  But I swear, it’s a magnificent combination! I had something similar in Denmark, we’ve got to get some the stuff in the US!

What is your fast food addiction?



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6 responses to “Coupon Creativity!

  1. I dont have a fast food addiction..but I do have a coffee addiction 🙂

  2. First of all- great work on the coupons- my husband and I never eat out without a coupon. (Um, why pay full price for something I can at least *attempt* to make at home?) Second, I’m a Chipotle fan all the way. I worked there in college, literally living off of the one free burrito we were given a day, and I must admit the craving comes around about once a month to stuff myself with a burrito approximately the size of an infant. Great post- will be back for sure. 😉

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  4. Tim

    Hi There Emma /Amanda glad to see you loved you fix at Habitual. He have a few good coupon deals out there as we strongly believe if we can get anyone into our stores to try us the first time we can hook them into an addict for life. good to see you are spreading the good food message, look forward to seeing you in the stores sometime. Tim

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