$1 Dinner (Yeah, that’s right!)

Upon departing the Noho Marae cultural weekend, leftovers were thrown upon us.  They insisted that we take them!  Who am I to refuse my new whanau (family)? Besides, I am a traditional American college girl who knows to NEVER pass up free food, especially when it’s healthy!  Hannah and I passed on the heaps of white bread and instead grabbed an eggplant, a container of peas, and some veggie patties.

They made for an excellent free lunch!  We cubed the eggplant and sauteed it in olive oil with garlic, onions, and spinach.

Remember those free concerts I talked about during my 5K Run for Christchurch?  Well, we decided to check out the one just in Albert Park, since Albert Park is basically just our backyard!

Hannah and I purposely had a snack before we left to discourage any purchasing of food during the festival.

Obviously that plan failed.  Except we sort of had to buy this frozen yoghurt (yes I spell it the Kiwi way now) because Hannah has a bit of a sore throat and needs to soothe it any way she can 😉  It was nz$3.

This was delicious!  The yoghurt man put the plain fro-yo through some machine that blended it with fresh blackberries right before our eyes!  It tasted incredibly fresh and light.

Then we stumbled upon this booth:

Yes, your eyes are not mistaken!  That sign in the corner say nz$2 plates for students.  Now THAT is a deal too good to pass up.  The best part is, Hannah and I decided to split a plate.

Look at all the food we got!  For nz$1 each!  It was quite yummy, as well!  As if it couldn’t get any better, then man told us it was all-you-can-eat and to just come back to get some more.  Of course we were full my the time we devoured it all, though 🙂



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2 responses to “$1 Dinner (Yeah, that’s right!)

  1. I am all about $1 meals!!!!!! way to go 🙂

  2. wow looks delicious! Can’t beat that price too!! Aloha 🙂

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