What is American Food?

In New Zealand, it’s Friday already!  That means in just a few hours, the Noho Marae weekend will begin!  This weekend is run by my university, and it is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the indigenous Maori culture.  That means eating their food and learning their traditional dances (among other stuff, I’m sure) 🙂

But apparently, our first night, we have an international feast.  We were all asked to bring a dish native to our home country.  Which raises the question….

What is American food?

Hannah and I brainstormed things like macaroni and cheese, apple pie, and fried chicken but nothing resonated with us.  We racked our brains for something that we identify as an important, original part of our American diet.  Then, the perfect idea came to mind:

Pasta salad!  We wanted to make something cold, so the we wouldn’t have to worry about keeping it warm/heating it up.  We also wanted to make something healthy, of course, because that’s the way WE Americans eat.  It reminds us of 4th of July parties and a regular dorm-made meal back home!  Our good friend Becca makes the best pasta salad, so we used her recipe as inspiration.

Here’s Becca and Melissa enjoying her pasta salad in our old dorm room!   The other great thing about pasta salad is that it can be made vegan (Melissa used to be vegan, look at her chomping away!)

We made some cute spirally pasta and added black olives, red bell pepper (they call it capsicum!), broccoli, and carrots.  We dressed it with low-fat Italian dressing.  Is it ironic that we are using “Italian” dressing in our “American” dish?  I think yes.

So simple, so delicious, so American (we think!).  Even better, it’s cheap 😉

We hope everyone likes it.  I can’t wait to try a bunch of new food this weekend!


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6 responses to “What is American Food?

  1. One Cocktail Away

    Let us know how everybody liked it!

  2. Forget love – I’d rather fall in chocolate! ~ Sandra J. Dykes

  3. I just made a pasta salad today, too! Great minds think alike! : )

  4. Hello!

    Saw you message on Kath’s blog about run4chch – sorry you have not heard about it, we’ve been trying hard to get the word out!

    Lucinda 🙂


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