Groceries and Green Monsters

I’m really missing my Green Monsters here in New Zealand.  Here’s me enjoying my last one the morning I left:

That’s my dad.  He doesn’t find Green Monsters as appealing as I do.  I decided I could live without blending for 5 months and chose not to buy a blender for my apartment here in New Zealand.  But especially in this hot hot heat, I’ve been hankering for a good, healthy smoothie!!

To my delight, at yoga on Monday I made a new friend who own a juice bar in city central, The Juicery!

I eagerly asked if they had a green smoothie flavor, and he responded that of course they do!  I couldn’t wait to give the place a try.

We will be away this weekend, so we’re missing the Auckland Farmer’s Market on Saturday (pout).  That means we needed to make a big trip down to the supermarket!  So after a scrumptiously light lunch:

(Fried egg with cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes) we set out for Countdown, planning to stop at the Juicery along the way.

Their Green Smoothie is made from leafy greens, apple juice, pineapple, banana, almonds, and sesame seeds.

YUM!  It was delicious!  Tangy and smooth, despite the nuts, seeds, and leafs!  If you are scared of that green flavor, then this would be a great Green Monster to start with because, honestly, you’ll hardly taste it in this recipe!

Hannah got a Berry Smoothie: raspberries, blueberries, boysenberries, strawberries, banana, yoghurt, and honey!  What a treat!  (It was yummy, too.  I’d know cause she let me have a sip :))  Notice those little stickers on our cups?  He puts them on by hand!  What a great touch.

The best part is, you can peel them off!  I stuck them on my wall

I also bought this little button! lol so cute. I’ll wear it with pride so that everyone knows my loyalty to the Green Monster Movement.

All fueled up from our smoothies, we arrived at Countdown, Auckland’s supermarket.  It’s pretty new and really big, so we like it.  Today was a pretty big trip becuase we needed to get all of our produce for the week, which we usually get at the Farmer’s Market, plus we were running out of some staples, like oatmeal and olive oil, and we wanted to investigate the meat and fish situation (we hadn’t bought ANY yet!)  After a looooong shopping spree and a looooong wait for the bus back (I won’t dwell on the fact that we waited almost 30 minutes for the free bus) we were all stocked up.  Here’s a breakdown of what we got:

Ground turkey – nz$5.40 We’re going to make meatballs!

Frozen prawns (shrimp) – nz$18.99/1kg On sale!  Plus, the resealable bag will make them last for a couple meals.  Shrimp Scampi soon!

Wholemeal & Grain Bread – nz$2.99 On sale

Spirals Pasta – nz$2.17/1kg One of our staples

Seaweed Rice Crackers – nz$0.50 SUPER SALE!!!

Oats – nz$3.54/1kg I’d die if we ran out!

Frozen Mixed Berries – nz$6.23/500g Cheaper than fresh, plus convenient zipped bag

Cheddar Cheese – nz$11.99/1kg We go through a lot of this stuff!

Crunchy Peanut Butter (no salt/sugar added) – $4.49 Our splurge–we’re both craving!

Mixed Fruit Jam – nz$3.09 If we can’t get it from Relish the Thought, might as well go cheap

Italian Herb Paste – nz$6.25 Another splurge, but it’ll last us, and we need some flavor!

Toffee Pops – nz$2.00 EVEN BETTER SALE THAN LAST WEEK.  also, we can’t live without them

Pasta Sauce – nz$2.95/700g Restocking

Olive Oil – nz$11.91/1liter Restocking.  Also spent the extra dollar for the extra virgin.   I can’t help it, I’m Italian!

Spinach and Salad Green – nz$2.99 each

Green Beans – nz$2.79

Broccoli – nz$3.00 sale!

Bananas – nz$3.40

Mushrooms – nz$3.31

Red Capsicum (Peppers) – nz$4.41

Carrots – nz$2.47/1.5kg HUGE BAG!!!

Grand total: nz$104.87 (about us$77)  Phew! It was a huge trip, but hopefully we won’t have to shop again until next weekend.  But we did score some pretty sweet deals!  It’s just such a shame to buy our produce at Countdown when we can get it for so much cheaper at the market.  Aaaaah well, we’ll be back next weekend  😉




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7 responses to “Groceries and Green Monsters

  1. that juice place looks so delicious I wish we had one around here!

  2. i would certainly miss green smoothies… been making them every morning lately 🙂

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