Trail Running in the Jungle!

This morning I had something exciting for breakfast!

Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cakes!

I discovered this recipe from Oh She Glows and I immediately wanted to try it since it had the word “microwave” right in the title.  I am struggling a bit here in my apartment because it is equipped with a “Microwave/Oven”

Hmmm, props to anyone who can spot the “oven” aspect of this appliance.  There is a button that allegedly activates the oven setting so that it  functions as an oven, but I don’t buy it.  It skeeves me out.  So lately I’ve been on the prowl for sophisticated microwavable recipes.

It was the microwavable aspect that drew me in, but it was the ingredients (oats, banana, blueberries, sugar, and cinnamon–all in stock!) and procedure (5 minutes!!) that made me itching to try it.

First I started by mashing up the banana.

It could have been riper, but I just couldn’t wait another day to try out the recipe!

Mash it up with glee like Glee!

Bananas amaze me.  Look, it’s dough!  Mix in the oats, cinnamon, and sugar.

Then add blueberries. I was so happy you could use frozen ones 🙂  lol I’m easily pleased.

I tried to fold them in evenly, but I wasn’t being very dexterous, I guess.

Into the microwave it goes!  “Good luck, mommy loves you!” I told my batter.  Here’s how it turned out:

Poor thing.  Slightly less than perfect.  It didn’t cook all the way through, and I was too afraid to leave it in there for too long.  But you know what?

It tasted delicious!  It was warm, moist, and laced with all my favorite flavors.  I’ll definitely try it again! Maybe next time I’ll be brave and leave it in for longer so that it turns into a true cake.  But it was so yummy and satisfying, I won’t care if it doesn’t!

After breakfast, it was time for my run!  After the Coastal Challenge and our surfing day, I was really sore (actually mostly just EXHAUSTED) and took two days off from running.  But I was ready to get back on track!

During the challenge, we had to wade through the ocean in some parts, so my shoes were alarmingly gross, smelly, and dirty after the race.  After thoroughly rinsing out the saltwater, sand, shells, clay, dirt, mud, and sweat, I left them on my windowsill to air out.

Roadblock!  I needed to lace them back up.  That’s always quite the task.

Whoops that’s wrong.  Fail.  10 minutes and several attempts later…

Ok, that looks right(?)

After I was all laced up, I set off for Auckland Domain, my city’s largest park.  The worst part is always the begging.  The closest entrance to the park starts with a huge hill.  I always have to switch to walking for the second half of the beast.  Here’s the view looking down:

Yep, I’ll walk from here!

Though I do love the challenge of running hills, there is a point where it’s just too much.  My rule of thumb is to just listen to my body.  When my legs, stomach, lungs, and head all protest at once, it’s usually a good indicator that walking is a fine idea 🙂

Today, I decided to run around all the gorgeous trails in the Domain.

This is called “Lover’s Lane.”  How romantic!

The shade was lovely.  It was perfectly cool and comfortable amongst the trees.

I was on cloud nine!  It feels like a jungle, right in the heart of this big city!

Then I came upon this clearing:

My first thought: Nature’s Yoga Studio!  I chose a sunny spot to do some Sun Salutations, then, scampered back home.

One great breakfast and one great run.  One happy me 😀


Read about what else happens here in Kiwiland!



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9 responses to “Trail Running in the Jungle!

  1. Rachel Rubenstein

    that last picture of the clearing is beautiful!! and all in a city?? amazing, looks/sounds like you’re having a great time!

  2. I love that Lovers Lane area 🙂 I should take my husband there soon! P.s. your b-fast looks fab

  3. MM that looks awesome! Reminds me of Tina’s (CarrotsnCake) 3 minute oatmeal raisin cookie – all in the microwave!
    I just got a microwavable steamer too so I can make meals in there.

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