Race Results!

This just in!

The results from Saturday’s 6K North Shore Coastal Challenge are in!

There’s me!  I finished the challenge in 58 minutes and 56 seconds, 19th place out of 35 women who ran the 6K with me!

Source Here’s a photo of Hannah and I taken by a professional sports photographer.  Here, we’ve just gotten past a very challenging and fun stretch of rocks!

Though I didn’t place (or even come close to placing!) I am still very proud of my results.  Not only was it my first race, but it was so much more challenging than any run I’d ever done.  It’s a great starting point for my future races because I can only improve from here.  I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish next!  Besides, I am beautiful, and Baby, I was born this way!


what else is new in New Z?



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3 responses to “Race Results!

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  2. Love your blog name. Congrats on that race!! Amazing! Anyone who runs, lets alone races, is a star to me.


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