A Day in the Life of Kiwi-Made Jam: Dinner (and Dessert!)

Hannah and I were STARVED for dinner after class, so I knew that I had to act fast!  I roughly chopped an onion, a carrot, and two cloves of garlic, then sauteed them in the frying pan with some olive oil.

For the sauce, I used half cup of jarred pasta sauce.

And the secret ingredient…

Tamarillo Chutney!  A big spoonful will do.

When the veggies were cooked, I added the sauce and chutney!

There is sad, sad lighting in my kitchen 😦

Can’t forget to add oodles of noodles!

Mix it all together and what have you got?

Tamarillo Pasta! (with cheese, what else?)

It was pretty much delicious.  Oh yeah.

But wait!  There’s more!!!

We still need to work the Indian Peach Chutney into our day!  But don’t worry, I have a plan…

Indian Peach and Blueberry Fro-Yo!

I took plain, non-fat greek yoghurt and added the chutney and some frozen blueberries

Mix it and mash it and pop it in the freezer!  We enjoyed it after about an hour of freezing for a perfect soft-serve texture.

Well, I successfully worked all four jams into my cooking today!  In case you missed it, here’s breakfast and lunch.  The recipes were easy, fast, and cheap, but most importantly, they were healthy and yummy 🙂


In other New Zealand news…..



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5 responses to “A Day in the Life of Kiwi-Made Jam: Dinner (and Dessert!)

  1. Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all. ~Harriet van Horne

  2. i could go for a big bowl of that pasta right now!!

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