Auckland Farmer’s Market

It was a rainy day when we woke up on Saturday morning, but as I like to say,

“It’s a lovely day for ducks!”

We donned our rainjackets and splashed through the puddles down to the farmer’s market.

We were pleased to see that the damp weather hadn’t dampened the spirit of the market!  Shoppers and vendors alike still had big smiles on their faces.

And who can blame them!  The Auckland City Farmer’s Market is absolutely the cheapest place in town to get produce.  Here is our loot:

And remember, those are New Zealand dollars!  (NZ$1 = US$0.75)  Outrageously good deals!  We get to save (a lot of!) money and support local Kiwi farms when buying from directly off the farmer’s trucks! And of course it’s good for the environment since it’s locally grown and sold 🙂  What more can you ask for? Oh, I know, we are lucky enough to be in the end of summer here in New Zealand, so of course, everything is in season, picked at its nutritional prime!  Yay for freshness!

The Jam is especially exciting.  We got 4 mini jars for $10 (sort of a lot…) but it was the best deal.  Plus, we got to try 4 flavors: Rum & Plum Jam, Indian Peach Chutney, Tomarillo Chutney, and Tomato Relish.  I’ll let you know how they are…


(Curiously about the rest of my Kiwi lifestyle?….. You’re welcome to read my other blog! )


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