Tramping around Auckland

Ok people, tramping means hiking here in New Zealand! New Zealand is composed of lots of volcanoes (most extinct) so there are heaps of what they call cones to hike up.  I guess I would define a cone as somewhere between a large hill and a small mountain.  Perfect for a hike that is challenging, but not life-threatening!  We have already climbed four here in Auckland!

The first one we climbed is called Mount Eden.  The base is just a 25 minute walk from our apartment!  Very convenient!  The view of downtown Auckland and the surrounding suburbs was breathtaking.  Tramping is so great because it’s a very social sport!  Hannah and I hiked together, laughing and talking non-stop, just like we always do!  Sure beats a solitary run around the city 🙂

One of the best things about hiking is that it appeals to all levels of fitness.  Most tramping sights will have various different paths to the summit.  Some will vary from paved roads to challenging terrain.  They different trails could be a steady uphill grade, or a steep incline.  Here’s me doing an easy descent down Mount Eden!

It’s just wonderful to exercise outdoors.  You can get in touch with nature, which really brings you back down to earth, no pun intended ;).  It’s relaxing and refreshing to interact with your environment in such a simple way.

We decided to incorporate some hiking into our day trip to a nearby village, Devonport, just a 10-minute ferry ride away.  The town boasts two historic cones.  First off, Mount Victoria!

Hiking is also so wonderful because it is so diverse.  Instead of straightup walking, you could choose a road trail, rent bikes, and pedal up those thigh-blasting hills! If you are really ambitious, you could do some trail running on the way up!  Running hills torches up to 20% more calories than running on flat land.  Just a few minutes of running intervals will totally amp up a regular hike.

Tramping is also great because it’s touristy!  There’s no better way to sight-see than from the top of the world.  Here, at the top of Mount Victoria, there was a map that corresponded to the view: it labeled what each of the surrounding landmasses were.  Pretty cool, huh?  Gaining new “perspectives” on our city (I’m just full of ’em today!)

Field of Mario mushrooms?  Don’t ask because I wouldn’t know what to tell you.  Power-up!

Then we made our way across town to the other cone!  But first, we made a very magical discovery!

Tramping is so fun because you get to be explorers!  While on our way to the other cone in Devonport, we discovered a hidden hill behind a museum!  After a steep ascent up some rocky steps, we discovered a huge field on the top of a hill!

After conquering the hidden hill, we headed over to Mount Head, which was a wickedly exciting place to hike.  It was full of tunnels left over from when it was a military base.  Explore if you dare…

I was pretty impressed by my bravery!  Those tunnels were dark and scary! Definitely got my heart rate up, lol.

I see the light!!  Can you tell I’m having fun?

Did I mention that tramping is beautiful?

I just love sailboats.

More discovery!

Tramping is such fun.  It’s free, gets you out of the city for the day, or even just a few hours, and it gets you moving while exploring our Earth.  So give some tramping a try!

Thanks to Hannah for taking all the sweet pictures of me tramping around!



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