I’m back!  Where have I been? Traveling across the globe to Auckland, New Zealand, where I have been living in my University’s student apartments without internet for 2 weeks.  I am studying abroad here (primary education and Maori society) until July.   I’ve been dying to blog about all my health endeavors, and we finally have our internet back!!!!

So I’ll start with a look at just some of the DELICIOUS and affordable meals I’ve had in New Zealand over the past few weeks.  (Note: All prices are now listed in New Zealand dollars.  NZ$ 1 = US$ .75)

From Satya, an Indian restaurant on K’Road, the hippest district of Auckland.  This is dahi puri (crazy-yummy concoction of chickpea, potato, and yoghurt on a pappadam).  It was recommended from Hannah’s Lonely Planet guidebook, and it sort of weirded us out at first, we weren’t sure we liked it.  But we rapidly grew to love it!  We want to go back for more.  The best part is that it was only like $12!!!

Picnic lunch at the beach!  We packed pita with hummus, field greens, tomato slices, and cheese.  And, of course, some carrot sticks 🙂  Light and cheap!

This was the main course of our most EPIC meal so far, at Non Solo Pizza in Parnell, “the creative quarter” of Auckland.  (I didn’t have time to capture the bruscetta, we ate it too fast!)  This was a Sicilian pizza with olives, eggplant, caper, and who even knows what else but it was FANTASTIC.  It was $26 for this pizza, but it was absolutely gourmet, in such a cool restaurant, and it was the perfect sized meal for us.  Of course we split it right down the middle and ate the whole thing.

Zucchini-mint fritters with quinoa, all drizzled in a pineunt lemon dressing.  This is from Aleluya, a super cool cafe-bar on K’Road.  This was like $13.


At Auckland University of Technology, where I go to school now, they advertise free food as “free feed.”  Isn’t that so cute!  It makes us feel a bit like pigs or something, but hey, I guess that’s what we are underneath it all.  We lined up 15 minutes before 12 for this free Mexican buffet.

Here’s Hannah with her creation.  They gave us a tortilla with baked beans (? yeah they don’t really understand what Mexican food is, lol) and then we could add field greens, salsa, sour cream, and cheese as we pleased.


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  1. I want to go to all of those places. You should start planning out itinerary now!


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