My big brother Dave with Justin Bieber (well, a cardboard cut-out of him)

I just saw Justin Bieber‘s movie Never Say Never with my little sister Sam, and Usher makes him drink a greens-packed smoothie when he has a sore throat.  He didn’t care for it much.  Called it “dinosaur pee“.  I guess Usher needs a new recipe!  Maybe I will concoct an extra-tasty recipe in his honor….

I think it’ll just be a mint chocolate chip smoothie with spinach, milk, and chocolate protein powder.  I shall call it “Dinosaur Pee to Tame Your Bieber Fever.”

We all LOVED the movie.  But the best part….the snacks!  (Ok, it wasn’t the best part.  Bieber was definitely the best part.)  I absolutely cannot survive a trip to the movies with candy AND popcorn AND soda.  So, I made my famous air-popped popcorn and I added Old Bay! I was Sam’s idea 🙂 She’s so smart.

Yummmmmmmm.  I also packed some of those dark chocolate chips to tame my candy craving.

I looked in two stores for my favorite soda substitute, Polar Vanilla Seltzer, with no luck.  I was so disappointed because it’s only 99 cents for a liter and super tasty!!!!  My friend Trisha turned me on to it.  I made fun of her at first (I thought it sounded gross), but it tastes like a light cream soda!! Plus it’s 0 calories and made with natural flavors.  I sure wish I’d had some!

So this morning it was 10 degrees outside when I went to the gym.  Brrrr. I was all ready to warm up on the treadmill, and get back into running, but my legs still protested!! They weren’t sore so much as tired.  I mostly walked with a few running intervals, but then I just decided to bag it. The body wasn’t into it this morning.

I still wanted some activity, though, and luckily there was a yoga class scheduled to start in 15 minutes.  A nice restorative yoga class would be perfect!!  I got a nice, sunny spot by the mirror and enjoyed the gentle yet empowering class.

The best part of the class was the stuff for the soul, though.  Our instructor, Sandy, tells us at the beginning of each class, “remember that this is YOUR practice.  Listen to YOUR body and do what’s right for YOU.” I always have such big plans for my health about what I think I need, that I sometimes forget to think about the signals my body is sending me.  I need to remember to honor my body: a big part of maintaining fitness is nurturing your body. Similarly, at the end of class, Sandy told us to “say something nice” to ourselves.  Instinctively, I thought a simple, “I love you.” I was like, oh yeah! I forgot about that…. 🙂

We have to live in your bodies every day!  So we need to make sure we do what we can to ensure that it’s in perfect working order.  And I’m constantly discovering what that means for me.  But as long as I have self-love, I know I’ll do the right thing.


❤    ❤   ❤



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