5-Minute Carrot Hummus

I am SUPER excited about my snack today =D I made carrot hummus and it only took 5 minutes!!!  So simple, so delicious!  Do you remember that can of garbanzo beans I bought for the chili on Sunday, but never used since the chili was too crowded? I didn’t either!!!  But I saw it in the cupboard today, and I convinced myself I could easily make some hummus!  I was wondering how I would make it special, and upon discovering carrots in our veggie drawer, I knew they would make a perfect secret ingredient!

Note: I only used 2 and 1/2 of those carrots.  Also, I only used one of the cloves of garlic pictured.

Into the food processor it went!

2.5 Carrots + 1 can Garbanzo Beans + 1 Garlic Clove + some Olive Oil =

Yummy yummy yummy!  Easy easy easy! Plus, making your own hummus costs about $2–half as much as buying a container of it straight from the market.  All you need is a food processor!!

Funny story: I am sort of lying when I say that this hummus took me 5 minutes to make.  It sort of took me 20 minutes, because for 10 minutes my grandma and I were trying to work my mom’s fancy food processor.  Then, we spent another 5 minutes trying to assemble hers!  lol! But it was really very simple once we got it assembled properly.  Plus, she was so excited about the entire hummus-making ordeal, she said I could keep her food processor! Thanks, Gram L!  Then my roommate Melissa told me that she has one AND a mini one!!!  I predict lots of food-processing in our kitchen’s future……I dream of homemade hummus, nut butter, soup……

I also had a ridiculously fun time on the elliptical today.  I give full credit for that to my playlist!

  • “Dance Anthem of the 80’s” Regina Spektor WARMUP!
  • “Bass Down Low” Dev CLIMB!
  • “Cameras” Matt & Kim RECOVERY! 
  • “Ants Marching” Dave Matthews Band INCREASE! 
  • “Mr. Brightside” The Killers SPEEDY! 
  • “Lost!”  Coldplay CLIMB!
  • “Dog Days are Over” Florence and the Machine SPRINTS!
  • “Peacock” Katy Perry RECOVERY! 
  • “Crazy Beautiful Life” Ke$ha SPEEDY! 
  • “Keep Holding On” Glee Cast CLIMB! 
  • “Firework” Katy Perry SPRINTS! 
  • “King of Anything” Sara Bareillas COOL DOWN!

I was rocking. Out.  It also felt soooo nice and smooth on my legs.  Tomorrow, I’ll try running some more, but maybe just a mile.  I may even do a really exciting cardio circuit or something!!! Stay tuned….



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2 responses to “5-Minute Carrot Hummus

  1. Cassie

    Did you use the juice in the can of garbonzo beans for your hummus?? It looks delicious! (and much cheaper than store bought hummus – I’m a college student too!) AND I LOVE YOGA =] So glad I found your blog.

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