Forget Regret

My number-one trick for eating healthy at work is to pack a lunch.  If I don’t, it’s a heck of a lot easier to give myself a bowlfull of the mac ‘n’ cheese that I make for the kids instead of awkwardly rummaging through my boss’s fridge to find something wholesome…and then prepare it and scarf it down before the boys can cause too much destruction.

But today, I didn’t pack a lunch.  I woke up with my left hamstring howling in soreness from my speedy 3-mile run yesterday.  Being sort of gimpy, I decided to take an extra 5 minutes sitting on the couch, stretching, and enjoying my cup of coffee instead of packing my lunch for work.  Bad idea! But I won’t dwell on the cornucopia of unhealthy things I consumed today.  Or the lack of healthy food I ate.  I also won’t dwell on the fact that I skipped spinning in order to give my hamstrings some rest….

There is just no use beating yourself up about the mistakes you have made in the past.  You can only learn from them.  After all, a problem is merely an opportunity for a solution! Today I learned that I need to stretch A LOT more than I have been.  Since I do so much yoga, I am not usually concerned with stretching very much before and after running, but clearly, it’s not enough for how hard I’ve been going lately.   So tomorrow, I will do my cardio on the elliptical since it is a lower-impact way to exercise than running.  I’ll also stretch twice as long as I feel like I need to, before AND after. I also learned that I absolutely need to pack my lunch every day for work.  But, the good news is that today was my last day of work!  Won’t have to worry about that for a while!  And I vow to remember it for next time 🙂

I tend to put myself down a lot when I make unhealthy choices, but today, I’m saying to myself “So what? Who cares?” (in my Joy Behar voice, of course).  I can’t do anything about what’s already been done, so I’m going to forget about wasting energy on regretting those mistakes.  Instead, I am putting that energy into making better choices tomorrow.


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  1. Make sure you have fun in NZ and do not ever put yourself down!

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