WOAH shrimp scampi!!

My mom had a late afternoon doctor’s appointment, so she asked me to make dinner for the family.  She said to do something with the shrimp in the freezer and serve the bread on the counter. Yikes! I was nervous because I’d never made anything with shrimp before (except grilled shrimp for my Dad, but I’d only ever prepared it, not done the actual cooking of it).  I was also nervous because I had to make it before my spin class tonight.  And of course it had to be yummy and healthy!  So I quickly got to work.  I went on FitSugar and just searched “shrimp” into the search engine and stumbled upon a very simple recipe of which we had all the ingredients on hand! Check it out: http://healthy-recipe-group.fitsugar.com/Healthier-Shrimp-Scampi-7326224

So basically I inspected the package of frozen shrimp in the freezer.  Pre-peeled and de-veined! 🙂 Looks friendly enough…..

4:00pm Place shrimp in a bowl and cover with cold water (Uh-oh! Only 20 shrimp?! Not nearly enough for my hungry family of 6!)

4:10pm Drain shrimp and refill with fresh water (ooohlala! shrimp are already thawing!)

4:12pm Oprah

4:20pm Drain shrip and refill with fresh water (again?!)


  • Chop about 1/3 of an onion found leftover in the fridge.  (Thank God for watching too much “Barefoot Contessa” this week.  Onion choppin is E-Z!)
  • Peel 6 cloves of garlic to prepare to be crushed.  (Recipe calls for 4, that means 6 for us!)
  • Go to pandora.com and get my Jenny Lewis channel pumpin (Man-man-man-eaterrrr!)
  • Fill up a pot with water and start to heat it for the pasta to cook (a watched pot will never boil! better give this lots of time)
  • Get the pan heating up
  • Open and measure out 1/2 cup Pinot Grigio (must resist!….later….:)

4:24pm Add oil, onion, and garlic into the pan (Garlic press = best. invention. ever.)

4:25pm Drain shrimpy water and cut off their tails (Something smells good, and it ain’t this raw shrimp!)

4:27pm Shove around onions, garlic, and oil.  Decide it’s time to add in the shrimp.  Holy crap! The water’s already boiling! And bubbling all over the stove!  Frantically pour in the box of rigatoni (really?).  Shove around shrimp.  Accidentally flip one and see that it’s already cooked.  No one told me it would cook this fast!! Flip all the shrimp over.  Add the spinach.  That looks like too much.  Self, it’ll cook down!  Continue to add more spinach.  Neaten up a bit and discover the wine.  HOW COULD I FORGET THE WINE?!  Impulsively add the wine.  Was that a good idea? Turn up the heat to encourage alcohol incineration.

4:32pm Let simmer. Shrimp are certainly done.  Pray not overcooking shrimp.

4:38pm Timer! Rigatoni is done.

4:39pm Test a noodle.  Not ready yet!

4:41pm Drain noodles.

4:42pm Forgot about bread! Set oven heat to 350 and hurriedly slice it and wrap it in foil.  Pop it in the oven.

4:43pm Stare at shrimp and spinach.  Add salt, pepper, and “Italian Seasoning” I found in the spice cabinet.  Definitely not enough spinach.  Never enough spinach I suppose.  I hope I’m not overcooking the shrimp.  Definitely not enough shrimp.

4:44pm Taste test!  Delicious and non-alcoholic….did I mention DELICIOUS!

4:44pm Make myself a plate.  Dinner is served!

4:50pm Take the bread out of the oven.  Mmmmm nothing beat bread and butter!

Moral of the story:  This was so easy and quick to make! And healthy!  If I had planned at all, I would have gotten a thin whole-grain pasta or even just brown rice.  I also would have added some lemon juice and more wine so that it was saucier.  I also would have added it earlier, lol. Maybe even skim milk to make it saucier.  You could add some cubed tofu with the shrimp as well!   I will also add more spinach next time.  I will believe it next time when I convince myself that it COOKS DOWN lol. And next time, I will feel organized enough to take pictures 🙂

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