Fitness Goals

Woke up to another snowy day!

We got more than a foot of snow.  I don’t have to go to work, can’t go run any errands, and I really shouldn’t make the trip to the gym until later tonight (signed up for a spin class).  So it’s just me and this one bumming around the house all day!

Ghia frolicking in the little path Dad tredged for her.  Trying to be productive, I looked at the calendar and realized that I only have a little over two more weeks at home!  I’d better make the best of it!  I set fitness goals.  I also put some of my extra time into making my schedule extra puuuurty:

So I’m finishing up this week with a sha-bang!  Spinning tonight and hot yoga on Saturday.

I have one more free pass to the fancy yoga studio in town (a gift from my loving mamma xoxo) and it expires on the 31st so I need to use it soon!  I wish I could make it to an Ashtanga class in time, but alas, their times aren’t the most convenient for my schedule.   So I decided the most challenging class would be the hot yoga class this Saturday morning.  I’m not a huge fan of hot yoga, but it will probably feel pleasantly thawing in the midst of all this wintry weather!  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Then, the following two weeks will be Strength Training on Sundays and Thursdays, Spin Class on Mondays and Wednesdays, Tuesday is The Day of Rest, Fridays will be for Treadmill running *sad face*, and Saturdays are for Hatha Yoga Class.

For my strength training, I do a BASIC FREE WEIGHTS CIRCUIT as follows:

  1. ARMS Push-ups
  2. LEGS Backward lunges
  3. CORE Double-leg stretch [Pilates abs move]
  4. ARMS Bicep drops
  5. LEGS Squats
  6. CORE Core/Abs Wildcard!!!

I do one set of each of these exercises for one cycle, then add weight or reps for the next cycle, then either add more or decrease (depending on how strong I’m feeling) for a third and final cycle.

The spin classes I go to are usually 45 minutes long (though tonight’s is 55mins…HELP!) and I run for about 30 minutes, depending on how much fun I’m having.  Winter running is no fun for Emma 😦

On rest days, I try and stay active by taking the dog for a walk and/or practicing some of my favorite yoga poses at home.

When I am home, I am able to use my family’s Y membership, and the only class I really enjoy that I can attend on a regular basis is the Hatha Yoga on Saturdays.  It’s easy, but it’s a big challenge for my meditation.

Well there you have it!  Those are my fitness goals for my remaining 2 weeks in Pennsylvania.  Let the fun begin!



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